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Dessert Set: Pink Macaroon Button  Macaron March Dessert Set: Pink Macaroon Button 

This year's Cookie Dove Squab special! 

Dessert Set: Yellow Macaroon Button  What is a macaron? Dessert Set: Yellow Macaroon Button 
Take a look here!

Squab Base Macaron March Post by xAerisx
Dessert Set: Chocolate Macaroon Button You get a Cookie Dove macaron Squab using the base above! Dessert Set: Chocolate Macaroon Button 

Bullet; White  6 USD/ 600 pts for a SURPRISE 

Bullet; White 10 USD/ 1000 pts for a CUSTOM 

Bullet; White With a custom you will be able to choose your own flavor and special traits such as tails and toppings.

Bullet; WhiteIf you would like any specific flavor macaron, please order a custom to ensure you get it! :aww: Otherwise, the one you are interested in may already be used as a surprise.

Bullet; White  send payment via paypal to with your username in the description

or points via the widgets on my front page.

Bullet; White  I will send your dove as soon as I have finished it. :aww:

Dessert Set:  Green Macaroon Button Slots! Dessert Set:  Green Macaroon Button 

Bolded - Need to be finished

1. QuantumNightmare
2. chariel
3. chariel
4. teascape
5. horsela
6. SarcastiCakes ★ (snow bunny)
7. floramisa  (Cherry Blossom)
8.floramisa ★ (Cherry Blossom)
9. roswells
10. roswells
11. hvnt ★ (bubblegum birthday cake)

*if you are on the waiting list, I will contact you for payment once I am finished with the first batch. :D Please don't send payment before I give the okay! >_<

Dessert Set: Pink Macaroon Button  WAITING LIST Dessert Set: Pink Macaroon Button 

12. SuperLebunee ($)
13. miracle-mango ($)
14. scareakeets ($)
15. Jahpan ($)
16. ArcticGalaxy  ($)
17. LadyKochou ($)
18. Tulipi ($)
19. Nandolicious (insta) ($)
20. birdiing ★ ($)
21. Kaliblu ($)
22. Xerneasxx ★ ($)
23. theLachen ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Information about Cookie Doves located here:
  Cookie Dove Species Sheet (O P E N) by xAerisx

Don't forget to join the DTA which ends April 1! <3
Cookie Dove DTA #4 ! ! ! (OPEN) by xAerisx

Love, love, love!
|FTU| .:White Pixel Heart:.  Meesh

Finally, with my non-DA related judges (don't worry, they are nice!), we have come to the final decision that the winner for the most creative piece goes to:

Sweet Kickflip Bro! by eerieN00dle

Congrats!!! :D

Thank you for joining, and even more thanks for spreading Lyme Disease awareness! It means so much to me. :hug:

Until the next one!

If anyone is interested!
I will open 5 slots for 15 USD flat rate customs with any features (but not tooooooo crazy). :aww:

If anyone is interested, please comment below. :hug:

Available slots:
1. Chairiel
2. Susaido
3. sOocraTt
4. cataclysmicTilde
5. -reserved-

6. anatiidae
7. 00sc

Thank you!!
Thank you to everyone who entered, I am very happy to see there is still some excitement about these silly guys. I think this is the last CD event for a while and I'm going to close customs for a bit, but I will continue to make adopt batches every so often. :aww:

The winner is......
Into the woods - DTA entry no1 by prince-o-sky

Into the woods - DTA entry no1 by prince-o-sky

"Favourite things to do in autumn! no. 1 -
Jumping into piles of leaves! I love doing that omg
and it's even more fun when your dog joins you  <3"

Let's congratulate prince-o-sky for her beautiful entry and hard work!

Happy Halloween!
Meesh white heart bullet

P.S. Anyone dressing up?? What's your costume?  
I'm going as Spock. 8B NERD.
completed ybh !! by beltzane
1 slot left!!

Such a fun, cute idea!!

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