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Meet the Cookie Doves!









Edit 05-25 - CLOSED due to my wrist/hand situation; after I send the next batch I will see if my hand improves. If it gets better, I will open slots one last time. If not, Merbirds are closed until next May. ;;

Edit 05-23 - OPEN 

Edit 05-20 - Slots closed, stay tuned.

Edit 05-18 - More slots open!

Edit 05-15 - Slots are closed until the next round! Thank you for waiting!

Bubbly Ocean Mermay Merbird Special Bubbly Ocean 

A few people have been asking a merbird special for those who can't afford these merbird customs, and since i have 2 more weeks until I leave the country again, here's another surprise squab gacha for fun!

I think I should mention for anyone who is interested in another Macaron March gacha, once any of my cookie dove gachas finish, there will never be another exactly like it. Thumbs Up 
Squab Mer by xAerisx 
You get a Cookie Dove Merbird Squab using the base above!  

Bullet; White  6 USD/ 600 pts for a SURPRISE 
Bullet; White 11 USD/ 1100 pts for a CUSTOM
Bullet; White (With a custom you will be able to choose your own dessert/dessert aesthetic and mertail)
Bullet; White  If paying with USD, please include your paypal address so I can invoice you. : D
If paying with points please use the widgets on my front page.
Bullet; White  I will send your dove as soon as I have finished it. Aww


Bolded - Need to be finished

1. TheWyvernAndTheFox - Tangy Tang Candy
2. fanface - Tropical Pineapple Popsicle
3. MortalKAkatsuki96 - Fluorescent Strawberry Angelfish 
4. MintGlowu - Clownfish Creamsicle
5. Jahpan - Parrot Fish Pop
6. MintGlowu - Salt Water Mint Chocolate Chip
7. scareakeets - Lunare Moon Pie
8. Aeruiel (from dreamywren <3) - Dazzling Jelly Jellyfish
9. strawberraym (from taybiornottaybi <3) - Bubblegum Beta
10. taybiornottaybi - Holographic Grape Chew
11. Nagallow - Star Mint Drop
12. Nagallow - Sakura Blossom Cake ★
13. yangroars - Twilight Lights Taffy
14. Toasty-Marshmallow - Deep Dive Licorice 
15. Lilavendre - Hammerhead Shark Gummy
16. FocusFuse (from Nagallow <3) - Golden Opulence Sundae ★
17. Nagallow - Sparkling Tuna
18. nurikowolf - Matcha Green Tea Dessert ★
19. Alymori (from mild-otaku <3) - Unicorn Frap ★
20. Whelpsy - Chocolate Chip Nonpareil 
21. Whelpsy - Sour Candy Fish Eyes
22. quartz-witch  ★ Starbucks Iced Chai Latte
23. fanface - Citrus Goldfish

24. Red-Draws - Glistening Roe Drops
25. aquilala - Sugary Ooze Anthias
26. quartz-witch ★ - White Cranberry Peach Juice
27. TiramiisuCake ★ - Tiramisu Cake
28. crazyfirewolf - Black Bottom
29. quila111 - Koi Creme
30. Chairiel - Coral Reef Candy Floss
31. MintGlowu - Phantom Oreo
32. CordialCrow - Pastel Jellyfish Cake
33. Ainiayo - Blueberry Soda
34. SrSheepy - Oreorka
35. LadyKochou - Coconut Snow Sea Lion
36. seagaull Blueberry Barnacle Whale
37. roflpatti - Seaside Blue Raspberry Popsicle 
38. CordialCrow - Chocolate Chili Crabby
39. Pepper-Wood - Peanut Butter Sea Tiger

40. Vilshanka - Strawberry Octopus
41. Wintricacy - Squidberry
42. WaffleMurder - Pufferfish Cookie Dough
43. Jahpan ★ Moonstone Beta Creme
44. Ainiayo 
46. Sukeiisu
47. scareakeets
48. Kaliblu 
★ ($)

Love and light!
Meesh Piper - Icon 


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